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Introducing the Hoover/Candy 9KG H-Wash 300 Lite Washing Machine - the perfect addition to any home! With its large 9KG capacity, you can wash more clothes in fewer loads, saving you time and energy. The H-Wash 300 Lite technology ensures a thorough and efficient wash every time, leaving your clothes fresh and clean. Say goodbye to the hassle of hand-washing and upgrade to the Hoover/Candy 9KG H-Wash 300 Lite Washing Machine today


KG Mode weighs your load and automatically adjusts the length and water consumption for the perfect wash
- Download the Simply Fi app and download additional programs, start cycles and run diagnostics
- Customise your wash for each load with adjustable spin speed and temperature
- Put off the wash until later with Delay Start - get on with your day and come back to freshly washed clothes
- In a hurry? Get your laundry done in a flash with the selection of Rapid Cycles
- Wash the whole family's clothes in one go thanks to the large 9 kg drum capacity


Height 90cm

Width 58cm

Depth 50cm



Hoover/Candy 9kg Washing Machine

SKU: 218358
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