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The Hoover H-WASH 300 Washing Machine, is a state-of-the-art washing machine perfect for medium-sized households. With a 9kg load capacity and 1400 spin speed, it offers flexibility with a 24-hour delayed start and adjustable spin and temperature settings. Featuring 14 wash cycles, including a rapid 14-minute option, it guarantees a quick yet thorough clean. The machine's WiFi connectivity allows seamless smartphone control, enabling additional program downloads, diagnostics, and remote cycle initiation. The innovative KG mode intelligently adjusts program length and water consumption based on the load weight within the first four minutes, ensuring optimal efficiency. Upgrade your laundry experience with Hoover H-Wash 300 for unmatched convenience and performance.


Model: H3WS 495TACE-80

Colour: White

Condition: B Grade

Capacity: 9kg (great for large households)

Spin speed: 1400 rpm

Energy rating: C

Warranty (Castle): 6 Months Warranty


Key Features

  1. Large drum can hold up to 9kg of laundry, Ideal for medium-sized homes
  2. Wi-Fi connectivity allows for advanced remote control from your smartphone plus access to extra content
  3. KG Mode optimizes water, energy, and time usage, ensuring the best results and enhancing efficiency
  4. Power Care System enhances water-detergent mix, removing stains at lower temperatures for pro-level results
  5. Allergy Care cycle provides a thorough, antibacterial wash to rid your clothes of allergens
  6. Effective and eco-friendly Quick Wash cycles can get clothes thoroughly clean in as little as 14 minutes
  7. Up to 24-hour delay option allows you to run a wash cycle when it suits your schedule 
  8. Active Steam reduces creases and wrinkles, making ironing dry clothes a breeze 


Smart Connectivity
Revolutionize your laundry routine with advanced connectivity through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The new hOn App empowers you with exclusive features. Enhance your washing performance by remotely checking your machine's status and receiving end-of-cycle notifications, ensuring you never forget your laundry. Gain access to over 60 additional cycles tailored for specific garments or fabrics, expanding the versatility of your washing machine.

Complete Set Of 9 Care Cycles
H-WASH 500 is a unique washing machine offering a complete set of 9 Care Cycles that allow you to take care of all your favourite clothes, preserving fibres for longer and without any effort.  Within the 9 Care Cycles is not one but three Rapid Care options giving you a choice for the results you need in the time that suits you. Choose from 14', 30', or 44-minute cycles

KG Mode
KG Mode is the function that weighs the laundry within the first 4 minutes of the program, adapting the water level, energy consumption and time of cycle with a scientific precision. Giving you a excellent wash whilst saving time and energy.

Efficiency in C Class
In compliance with the New Energy Label, this C class washing machine reduces consumption starting from 34% compared to a G class, saving energy, respecting the environment and helping to save you money on your bills.


Dimentions (cm): H 83 x W 59x D 59



Hoover H-Wash 300 Washing Machine

SKU: 218350
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