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About Us

Founded in October 1993, the primary charitable object of Castle Furniture Project is to provide free or low cost household goods to disadvantaged families and individuals to relieve poverty and indebtedness in Fife.

To that end, the project provides the transport and labour to collect donations free of charge from people throughout Fife. These donations are brought to the warehouse where they are sorted, assessed for condition, repaired where possible, renovated when feasible, and displayed in our warehouse in Cupar.

The project offers marginalised groups opportunities to work in a safe, supportive, inclusive environment. For many who lead chaotic lifestyles it is the first tentative step to leading a more structured life.


Being in a position to help others is a core element of this process and the furniture which the project collects and redistributes enables individuals to help other people who are facing extreme hardship.

It is this hidden element of the projects work that provides a truly inclusive environment that provides a service whereby vulnerable people offer their assistance to others in need whilst delivering a much needed services to the wider community economical, socially and environmentally.

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