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Mental Health

It's why Castle exists...

It’s all about people …


A place where each person is valued and respected not for what they can give but for who they are. We believe that each person is of great worth and value.


We aim to provide the right kind of support and care that allows people to flourish and develop beyond their expectations. It’s about having fun ….we all enjoy working together to make a difference.


Who says you can’t work hard and enjoy yourself at the same time?


We have seen that many people’s self esteem and confidence grow as they engage with and respond to our values and ethos.

By providing a supportive work environment and regular, structured work for our clients we help each one individually to progress on their journey to improve their physical and mental health and reduce the risk of relapse. Clients work alongside our project workers and receive training in a number of skills which include:

  • Customer service skills are developed as the trainees deal with people donating furniture.

  • Warehouse skills are developed with the trainees, as they assess stock levels and demand patterns to determine what furniture should be prioritised for collection.

  • Organisational and logistical skills are developed in the loading and storage of the furniture within the warehouse.


Transferable skills are learnt by the clients as they are encouraged to take an active role in the planning and future development of the project. This process develops confidence and increases self-esteem whilst giving them a sense of pride being part of a team that delivers a quality and much needed service.

Pathways to Recovery

Our service is based on the belief that people can recover from the effects of mental illness on their lives. We aim to support people in the recovery process by addressing their individual needs, focusing on strengths and skills, enabling them to learn to recover from and learn to live with mental health problems whilst providing opportunities to participate in training and learning new skills. This process fosters a culture where people can recognise and build on their abilities, and start to believe that they can change their lives.

Our therapeutic work environment is structured, purposeful, fun and creative which encourages positive change and the chance to achieve in a safe supportive environment.

The project offers people the opportunity to develop skills in woodwork, upholstery, PAT testing, administration and computers. Working as a team, we encourage people to try new things and work towards helping people build their levels of confidence, self-esteem and develop their social and life/behavioural skills.

Opportunities Offered

There is a vast range of opportunities available at Castle, here are just some of the areas we can provide.

  • Upholstery

  • Restoration

  • PAT Testing

  • Furniture Repair

  • IT/Computing

  • Driver's Mate

  • Warehousing

  • Administration

One of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of the project is working on a piece of furniture that had been destined for landfill being lovingly restored to its former glory. Working with your hands, there is just something about it that helps you to relax. From the beginning it can be a long process, firstly the sanding down to the bare wood, mending or renewing handles and often repining drawers. We then have the decision of should it be waxed, varnished, oiled, polished or stained. It’s a labour of love and care as well as sheer enthusiasm. The finished articled is displayed in the therapeutic craft centre where it will be sold and start a new life safe from landfill!

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Accessing the Project

The project is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm, whilst some people come every day, most attend on a part-time basis. Flexibility, personal limitations and circumstances are primary in the arrangements being made for participation.

We are happy to receive referrals for new clients from Community Mental Health Teams, General Practitioners, Social Workers and Hospitals, or any other voluntary or statutory agency. As well as self referrals from individuals wishing to make a change to their lives.

The referral system is straightforward, just contact us and you will be invited to the project for an information session. This is merely an opportunity to meet up with a support worker and have a look around the project.

After the initial visit a taster session can be arranged to give you further insight into the project, giving you the chance to try out something new without any commitment. We recognise that this can be a daunting prospect for some people and invite you to bring someone to accompany you to the project.

We acknowledge that recovery can be hard work, so regular time is set aside for meetings with an identified staff member and, where appropriate, a statutory key worker, providing an opportunity to review and reflect on the placement.

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