Our Vision

Promoting inclusion and empowering individuals affected by mental health, poverty and social injustice


Our Values

There are many different ways in which people are making their time matter with Castle. Whatever the role, we always base the way we act – both individually and as an organisation – around four important values:

We are personal


We treat everyone we come into contact with as an individual without labels.


We listen to their experiences and needs, and provide them with the personal support that’s right for them. That’s true whether they’re a person living with a mental health illness, or an offender, or a lawyer, teacher that volunteers as a Trustee.

We demand better


Whatever we do, we always believe there’s room for improvement.


So we demand better – from ourselves and others. We’re constantly looking at the bigger picture and for better ways of doing things, so we can stay one step ahead and shape a better future for everyone in the community.

We are Sector Leaders


We are recognised as a sector leader – in innovation systems and technology, training, partnership working and our supported employments. Our reputation is based on constantly improving, we’re action-focused, so we use our expertise to deliver tangible improvements to people’s lives.

We are inspirational


Our shared commitment to what we do inspires us to do our best.


Our positive energy inspires people affected by life circumstances cope with their experience. Our passion will inspire other to get involved, to change the lives of everyone in our community.