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Furniture Project

Castle Furniture Project has been providing quality, second hand furniture to disadvantaged people in Fife since 1992. Over the years, the project which is based in Cupar has developed a strong partnership with Fife Council and Social Work departments. Through their support, the project provides a heavily subsidised furniture service to some of the most vulnerable people in the community to relieve poverty and indebtness.

The project also offers an environmental alternative for local householders who have unwanted furniture, electrical appliances and other household items that they no longer want or need.

Furniture Showroom


Collections are usually booked one week in advance at a mutually convenient time, and when booking in we need as accurate list as possible of what is available to collect, in order for us to plan our van schedules.

What can I donate?

We welcome donations of most types of household furniture, electrical appliances, mobile phones and baby equipment. In particular, we are struggling to keep up with the demand of kitchen appliances, so please remember if you are purchasing a new cooker, fridge or washing machine donate your old one as these are high value items that people cannot afford. to purchase nor can they obtain credit to purchase.

Is there a collection charge?

It currently costs an average of £15.00 for our vehicles and supporting resources to complete each collection. Whilst, we do not charge for collections, we would invite you to make a voluntary contribution to the charity, however small, it will be most gratefully accepted.


If you do make a cash donation you can sign on the collection sheet to use gift aid. For every pound you donate we can claim back an additional 25p from the Inland Revenue. Any cash received by the charity goes back into the project to help us to provide our valuable services to the community.

Can I drop off my donations at your premises?

Our warehouse is continuously manned so items may be dropped off at our warehouse. However, to avoid a wasted journey, please ring us before you bring items, so we can confirm that we can make good use of them and they meet any relevant Trading Standards requirements.

Are there any restrictions on what you take?

Yes, items have to be in a good clean condition with no rips, tears or stains. Items have to meet current safety legislation. In particular we can only accept upholstered items if there is a label attached affirming that it complies with the 1988 (or later) regulations. Mattresses have to carry a label which refers to BS7177 usually, sewn into the end wall.   The final decision to uplift items is at our driver's discretion.


In order to increase the number of disadvantaged customers Castle Furniture Project reaches, we continue to work in partnership with organisations such as Local Authority Social Services, Housing Associations and other eligible groups which exist to support clients in need, hardship or distress.

This scheme is structured around a ‘referral system’ which will give free access to all items in stock, excluding a small delivery charge.  


Independent customers will be able to ‘self-refer’ at the project so long as they have proof of benefit status and receive up to 20% discount.

We have a standard referral form which we provide to referral organisations. If you represent an organisation which would like to refer service-users to us, please call or e-mail us with your details.

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