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Motorvators Shed

The Motorvators Shed has been providing supported  therapeutic activity since 1996 to clients with Mental health issues and workshop experience to 16+youth projects.

It does this by providing a stimulating and safe environment to engage in Auto mechanics and light engineering/fabrication and restoration of vintage vehicles.

Many of the client group have had  previous interests  or have been employed in this field and wish to re-engage with past skills or learn new skills such as welding ,engine renovation or panel work.

Castle Furniture Motorvators Shed project is an award winning project having attained two business diversity awards and winners of the mental  welfare commissions "principals into practice" 2013, motorvators is regarded as an innovative project that is both stimulating and rewarding.

  • Some of the aspects of Motorvators Shed encourages self -confidence through problem solving.
    Engage in a workshop environment and learn employability skills.

  • Be part of a successful team.

  • Inclusiveness.

  • Support through Ricktor scale assessment tools.

We have to date fully restored 3 Volkswagen Beetles and finalising restoration on a VW campervan which has proved to be a valuable therapeutic intervention and in part responsible for lowering of medications,building confidence,team building and workshop employability skills.

Our experience shows us by our attendance records and service user statements that the Motorvators Shed is regarded as beneficial to all our client groups,and that its integration into the social setting we currently enjoy has helped enormously with the destigmatisation of Mental Health and the youth members who attend ,within our local community.

I am regaining social skills improving my communication, feeling pride in what I achieve at Motorvators and gaining a positive attitude for the future.

Being able to work with others has been fun and helped me make new friends

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We are excited by our partnership with Upstarts, whose aims, to provide high-quality up-cycled furniture and improve the self-esteem of clients, align with our own. We are very enthusiastic about the tie up and the extra benefits it will bring to our clients.

The video below is taken from the Mental Welfare Commission Site​, the write up and transcript of the video are available on their site.​

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