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National Award Winners!

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

We were delighted to win the Innovative Project of the Year 2018 award at the national Reuse Network Conference this year.

The award was presented for our Appoint System, a monitoring and evaluation system, which allows us to track, collate and report on qualitative data such as the well-being of our service users.

For a mental health charity supporting people with complex and multiple needs, this system has radically improved our operation and enabled us to provide much quicker intervention and support where needed.

We were overjoyed and surprised given the strength of the other shortlisted projects from the Air Ambulance Service and Wastesavers.

Castle employees collecting the Award on stage

Collecting the award, left to right, was Silv Ingram (Castle), Gail Jackson (Castle), Mike Norrie (Castle/Norcox Solutions) from Matt Harding (WRS Insurance, award sponsors) and Lesley Prescott (Reuse Network)

A massive thank you is due to Norcox Solutions Ltd, our partners in this project for taking our needs and wishes and turning them into the system we have today.

The award on a dinner table setting.

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